9th, 10th and 11th Grade Students Targeting US, UK, or Canadian Universities


Roadmap to Admissions

You may find yourself asking some of these questions:

  • What are college admissions officers really looking for?
  • What kinds of grades and test scores do I need to qualify for my dream school?
  • Do I need to join more clubs or play a sport to get into a good university?
  • How should I be thinking about my summer activities?
  • When should I start preparing for my applications?

Working with former admissions officers from Ivy League universities and Top Ten Liberal Art Colleges, Pasifik Consultants take the guesswork out of preparing for colleges. In what can be a stressful and confusing process, we assess your admissions chances and explain everything you need to know to reach your goals. We set specific academic and extracurricular goals for you to work towards and help you map out a timeline to keep you on the right track. We do not give cookie-cutter advice but work to develop and highlight your unique circumstances, interests, and passions.

Simply knowing the rules of the game does not guarantee that you will succeed. Although you may know what you need to do to reach your goals, having a coach come alongside you to encourage you and hold you accountable makes a material difference. And we want to be your biggest cheerleaders on your way to a university education.

Research shows that the implementation of strategies is increased many-fold when coupled with one-on-one coaching. We at Pasifik Consultants emphasize the importance of coaching not only because we believe that you will be more likely to accomplish your goals with it but also because you might have pressing questions that are important to address along the way. Work on summer program applications, plan your testing timeline, get help securing internships and volunteer opportunities, and ask any question that comes up with one of our fantastic counselors. If you sign up for coaching, you will meet regularly with a Pasifik Consultants counselor experienced in relating to high school students (and their parents) to make sure that you are meeting deadlines and following through on suggestions outlined in your Roadmap to Admissions.

College List
With over 2500 four-year colleges and universities, the U.S. is one of the most popular places for international students to study. Public schools, private schools, large research universities, regional schools, small liberal arts colleges—the options are nearly endless. And that does not even include the myriad schools in Canada and the UK. How do you decide which institutions to apply to when you are often half-way across the world?

We at Pasifik Consultants will work with your specific preferences and even personality type to compile a strategic college list. Each college list includes a well-researched list of schools with descriptions of how each school matches your educational goals. We will also direct you to institutions similar to your favorite schools, ensuring that you will be satisfied at even your “safety” schools.


12th Grade Students Applying to US, UK, and Canadian Universities


Essay Consulting
In our increasingly competitive admissions environment, in which the majority of applicants to top schools have very similar numbers, a well-written and memorable personal statement can make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection. Teaching students to write great college essays is one of our favorite parts of the job because the process involves the student reflecting on their life experiences and finding their own writing voice and style.

When you work with Pasifik Consultants on your college essays, you will not only walk out with clean and polished essays, you will also grow in confidence as a writer, further preparing you for your studies in English academic environments. We firmly believe that every student has an interesting story to tell, and we will work with you to make sure you present yourself in your best light.

Essay consulting usually starts in the summer when you will complete at least 2 essays and also finalize most of your Common, OUAC, or UCAS Application before the school year even starts. Work on essays continues through December with weekly Essay Workshops led by expert instructors. You can attend as many Essay Workshops as you need to in order to finish the package you’ve signed up for.

Application Particulars
Learning how to fill out a college application and to describe your activities and awards is akin to writing a resume—you definitely need a second set of eyes to review your work and help you to put your best foot forward. High school students often don’t have an objective sense of their accomplishments, and our counselors can help you highlight your most outstanding traits and achievements for the maximal effect in college admissions.

In addition to an outstanding application, applicants to many universities also need to learn how to shine in admissions interviews. Increasingly, interviews are playing a larger role in admissions, as more colleges have started offering interviews abroad and every point of personal contact takes on more significance.

Every year, students also need assistance with dealing with deferral or wait-list decisions. Rest assured, we at Pasifik Consultants will be with you every step of the way, helping you navigate these obstacles and opportunities.

Project Management
With most of our students applying to 8-12 schools during an admissions cycle, keeping on top of the many deadlines becomes increasingly important. Approaching the application season with a defined strategy and timeline, in addition to regular coaching, is essential to maintaining sanity!

Early Decision? Early Decision II? Early Action? Rolling Admissions? Priority Review? Regular Decision? 

We at Pasifik Consultants will help you sort through different application options to come up with the best strategy for your situation. Our counselors also work with you to set do-able deadlines and help you manage your work load so that your applications are submitted in time and so that you still have time for your school work and other activities! Each application and essay is submitted only after careful review from one of our counselors, and you can breathe easy knowing that you are not alone in this application process.


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